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Can you give us a brief overview of the business you work for, your team in particular, and the type of people you look for when you are recruiting?

P2G is an online company offering door to door parcel delivery services. Located in Bolton, Lancashire, the company employees a total 110 staff in a variety of disciplines including Customer Service, IT, Marketing and Finance. When recruiting for the Finance Department the type of individual we look for is not only one who is experienced and skilled in their particular field but also importantly one who would fit into the entrepreneurial culture of the business.

How long have you been working with Four Financial and which of our services have you used?

I have been working with Four Financial over the course of the last year. In particular, the recruitment of an experienced Accounts Assistant.

For the benefit of any potential client of our ours what would you say are our key strengths and why use Four Financial rather than other agencies?

With P2G being a potentially new client a senior member of the Four Financial team personally visited our premises in order to understand the nature and demands of the role, our company and industry. Very much a tailored approach with the emphasis on finding the right candidate/client combination. Four Financial were superb in adversity. In our case the recruitment process stalled, through no fault of Four Financial but they were tenacious and determined to find the right candidate for us, which they did. Something you do not always find with other recruitment agencies.

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