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Pro Manchester

Can you give us a brief overview of the business you work for, your team in particular, and the type of people you look for when you are recruiting?

Pro∙manchester is the membership organisation for Financial and Professional Service companies in and around Gtr Manchester.  With over 320 corporate members and around 5000 individual professionals engaged we are the natural gateway to the largest financial and professional regional service centre in the UK. 26 years' experience of supporting the sector’s growth has secured pro·manchester a strong national reputation for delivering quality work as we strive to realise the full potential of Greater Manchester’s economy.   Fundamental to pro·manchester’s role in supporting the sector is its facilitation of a dynamic, relationship building network focused around our community’s interest in generating business opportunities from regional, national and international markets.  

We are a small team of events, marketing and project management professionals supported by one experience Management Accountant

How long have you been working with Four Financial and which of our services have you used?

Around 12 months          

For the benefit of any potential client of our ours what would you say are our key strengths and why use Four Financial rather than other agencies?

Four Financial’s ability to understand the personality of the organisation immediately to ensure the right person is matched to the role.

Four financial came highly recommended to us from another of our members organisations.  As a small but busy organisation we needed someone with all round financial skills as well as office management experience.  Our brief was as much about the personality as the skill set itself and Claire understood this straight away.  All the candidates we interviewed could have done the job which is a great place to find yourself in as an employer.  From first meeting Claire at Four Financial to Emma starting with us was only a matter of 2-3 weeks.  Emma’s been with us for 6 months now and has fit into the busy team perfectly. Highly recommended.

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