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In Summer 2010 RSM Tenon presented me with a business plan for the centralisation of the credit control function, there were three potential sites, Bolton was the chosen one.  Due to a longstanding relationship between RSM and the directors of Four Financial we were chosen to exclusively recruit and manage the whole process from start to finish.  at this stage advice was required from us in terms of salaries for the following roles: credit controllers, credit control team leaders, credit manager, sales ledger clerks, cashiers and a sales ledger manager, a fee proposal was also given.

I approached Four Financial to exclusively manage this project as they could be relied upon to deliver RSM Tenon high quality candidates within a short timeframe.  Their focus is on quality and as such I knew my time wouldn't be wasted meeting with candidates who weren't suitable.  The process lasted for around six months as the various regions became centralised to Bolton as slightly different times, Four Financial were in very regular contact with me to ensure they knew exactly what timescales I was working to and the numbers of people required throughout the process.  Four Financial suggested I hold on site interviews at their offices in Bolton due to the initial sensitive and confidential nature of this project ultimately resulting in redundancies within our regional offices.

This was a seamless process and meant there was instant feedback given allowing offers and acceptances to be made as soon as possible, time was really of the essence.  All candidates were on time, had prepared well and had been fully infrmed by Four Financial on the role and stage that RSM Tenon were at.

Out of an initial 26 interviews for the credit department, i was able to offer out 19 roles.  Claire very quickly tuned into the fact that I was matching to both a technical skill set and right 'fit' for the business, the latter being more subjective so I needed someone who could straight away decide whether a candidate was right for RM Tenon.  On a couple of occasions Claire encouraged me to meet with candidates whom I initially deemed to not be 100% suitable based on their CV alone, laire never let me down, those candidates were worth pushing on as all are still working for me.

One the initial phase of about 10 staff was complete Claire came on site and had a ten minute review with each candidate to ensure everything was ok and made me aware of any issues.

Whilst recruitment has now calmed down for this department, I have monthly contact with Claire so she is kept up to date with our recruitment requirements.  The team now stands at 16 in sales ledger, 13 of which were placed by Four Financial Recruitment and 19 in credit control, 14 of which were placed by Four Financial.  The others were either already within the business or came on direct referral to us.  The fees that I agreed with Four Financial wer very reasonable due to the volume of roles recruited.

If I was ever a little unsure on a candidate (which happened once or twice) Claire was willing to extend the rebate terms so that I wasn't forced to make a quick decision.  To me this demonstrates that the Four Financial team is extremely focused on quality and really care about the placements the make.

I would have struggled to deliver the project without the assistance, focus and dedication provided by Four Financial.

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