Turner & Turner Accountants

Can you give us a brief overview of your business and the type of people you look for when recruiting?

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Fulwood, Preston employing 12 members of staff.  We were established by myself in 1996 and have grown continually year on year.  This means that we are always looking for members of staff.  These people have to be a good fit in to our existing team.  Also we are very demanding in respect of the high service levels and quality of product that we deliver to our clients.  We need people who can help grow the practice by going that extra mile with the clients and developing the practice.

How long have you been working with 4Practice and which of the services have you used?

We have been working with Alistair and 4Practice for approximately 10 years and use them regularly to recruit accounts staff. 

For the benefit of any potential client of ours what would you say are our key strengths and why you use 4Practice rather than other recruitment agencies?

First and foremost 4Practice understands the sort of person that we are looking for.  They will not send us CV’s or put candidates in front of us which are not suitable for the role.  This means that my time is not wasted seeing unsuitable people.  They will also give us feedback on what the candidate thought and also their opinion whether the candidate would actually be suitable for the position once they have been interviewed.  I consider them to be a business partner and a part of the growth strategy of the practice.

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