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For Clients

We know that when you come to us what you are essentially looking for is the best possible candidate to suit your requirements but at Four we are also committed to adding value wherever possible. Whether that is to help a business that rarely recruits so you know where to pitch your vacancy in terms of salary or offer advice on which qualification you should offer to your staff, our experienced team will do all they can to answer your question.

If we can't answer your question immediately then we will do our best to do the research and come back to you with whatever information you require. Please send any queries to

For Candidates

We will do our best to help you in your job search, not just in terms of finding the role that suits your requirements but also any direction or support you may need in your career in general. Given that you will be registered by a CIPD qualified HR professional we are able to offer advice to candidates confident in the knowledge that we know what we are talking about. Below are some links to websites that you might find useful when selecting the accountancy course that suits your requirements. There are also a few forms that you may need if you secure a temporary role through us. Keep an eye on the social page on our website as we will be posting industry relevant information on a regular basis.


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